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A healthy surprise for children: Drink and Play!

Surprise Drinks® is a patented healthy fruit drink for kids with a surprise connected to the bottle. It is healthy since it is low in calories, enriched with vitamines, no added sugar, stevia and no preservatives. Both calories and sugar are low. Each bottle has a "surprise container" embedded in the front of the bottle. Each container houses a surprise - with a wide variety to choose from! So the kids can -and will!– collect them all. The package design and the surprise are licensed characters.

Surprise Drinks® comes with a frequently updated/renewed range. For boys and girls Each license has its own range of flavors. New themes are being presented on an ongoing basis, quite often linked to the introduction of new movies. Surprise Drinks ® is a very attractive, unique and healthy brand.

"Children love it, moms recommend it…"

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