Brand Expand Europe is an independent, international platform that connects the beverage industry with the trade.

We exclusively represent selective beverage brands. Through our dedicated distribution platform and network we provide all necessary services to market, sell and distribute unique beverages to consumers all over Europe. The broad, high level experience of our team guarantee's quick success: direct access to key decision makers, pragmatic planning and proven experience within high professional standards.

Brand Expand Europe runs its own platforms, securing the highest professional standards in:

  • Sales/distribution: access to European on- and off-premise customers and distributors
  • Fulfillment: inventory management, logistics, track & trace / EDI / GS1/ EAN DAS
  • Reporting/finance: clearing, import duties, levies, taxes

For brand owners, we serve as a "one stop shop".
An easy and attractive "gateway into Europe". For our customers, it is an efficient opportunity to get low risk access to international and innovative beverage concepts.

We are pleased to provide you with more information on the brands that we represent, our international network, our distinctive operational platform, our full-service approach and the team. We welcome your questions, either by mail or personally by phone, and are pleased to assess how we can expand your brand.

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